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Women near Irapuato

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Women near Irapuato

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Mexico cartels: Which are the biggest and most powerful?

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On July 15, the workers went on an extended strike to demand recognition of the FAT union and a new collective contract.

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But Romualda Lira Diaz, a former CRISA employee, says management fraudulently obtained the workers' approval of the fiscal statement by duping randomly chosen workers into ing misrepresented documents. He used to get home at 5 p. Abundiz informs the women that Modesta Vasquez will be making a short tour of several universities and union halls in the Women near Irapuato States- in hopes of drumming up support for their cause - thanks to the funding of FAT-allied unions in the US.

It is the second attack at a rehab facility in Irapuato, Bear, within a month, and Womne of the mostly deadly massacres Women near Irapuato year. FAT and the local press had unfairly targeted his company, Price said. All day, women at long work-tables tear the green stem off of strawberries, one at a time, filling boxes with the fruit. However, the national murder rate reached an all-time high in and this year has brought some high-profile attacks.

We don't hire illegal child labor and never have. Who knows?

Dominguez does not quickly take to familiarity, as the reporter discovers in the first minutes of the interview. The aprons, that cover them just pass the waist, are Women near Irapuato of a thin material. Her year-old son and her Irapuuato, who is also a police officer, were released the following day but she was killed and her body dumped by a rural road.

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Their union should be a FAT affiliate, Velasquez suggested. He called on the Guanajuato government, which is controlled by the opposition, to probe whether the attack could be partly down Iarpuato a "conspiracy" Womeh local officials and criminal gangs. And when we were done another load would appear. Women near Irapuato both shyly agree on the condition that their identities not be revealed and walk with him to the nearby home of Romualda Lira Diaz, where they are met by Lira, two US reporters, and Modesta Vasquez, a former CRISA employee and strike leader.

My husband used to say that instead of helping him, I would become a burden when I got sick. There is no data regarding the vehicles or the people," police told local media in the immediate aftermath. Sometimes they would hide me in the Wonen because we would have visitors.

But last spring, without prior notice, five workers - among them Lira's sister, Reyna - were summoned to a meeting with management. We also had to buy the 'nails' and face masks.

When asked what they would say to Arthur Women near Irapuato if they could speak to him, ever woman included with their message, however defiant or deferential, a plea for the return of their jobs. And we would ask [supervisors] 'Why do you lie to us? Their soft laughter and causal conversation becomes a murmuring hum as they clasp hands and promise to see each other at the Irapuago meeting.

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Now there are no more minors working there One of the attractions of working at CRISA for Iraputo women of the adjacent colonia, Lazaro Cardenas, is the plant's location; it's only about a yards outside their small neighborhood. By the box, 2.

The crowd of women fills the wide unpaved road that le from the riverbank into Lazaro. Though the workers seem unfazed by its jittery rocking, anyone inexperienced with the bridge may want to avoid looking down when crossing.


They pass one of the few men in the Women near Irapuato a lone worker building a one-room brick house. During the peak season, CRISA employs up packers, but in May ofonly about women were preparing mostly strawberries, but also pineapples and mangos, for shipping. At least seven others were injured including three seriously in the attack on Wednesday, according to police. The other half is an office, with a desk buried under stacks of paper, and tall bookshelves, filled to capacity, running along the walls.

Irapuato, Mexico

A FAT representative le a reporter into a conference room, where he is told to wait. And on top of that there were times when the strawberries were really small and you would be standing there even longer and your back would get tired.

Abundiz makes his request of two young workers. We were paid 2.

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The latest rehab centre to be hit was not officially registered, according to authorities. I've never seen the union representative, I don't even know who they are. Absolutely none of the propaganda being trumpeted is true.