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Girls and Technology Nina E. When we talk about girls and technology in American history, we have to think about technology as "knowing how" and to examine all the ways of making and doing things girls learned at different points in time.

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New York: Basic Books. Some families could acquire a stove for cooking, and girls and women learned new techniques for keeping fires going and for cooking and baking. In addition, girls did have a few daring role models, women who defied stereotypes: to drive cars, early on, and soon to fly airplanes.

Wxhpeton tasks like salting meat or pickling vegetables preserved food through the winter, and in northern areas, potatoes and beets and apples stored Teen Wahpeton hookups a root cellar had to be checked every now and then to remove any items beginning to go bad. In some places and times, girls and boys learn about the same technologies: for example, who has the job of taking out the garbage learns about garbage cans and garbage trucks.


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Nonetheless, as machines became TTeen ubiquitous, everyone acquired new knowledge of the changing material world. Looking for to go out tonight. Women seeking sex tonight Lubbock. Douglas, Deborah G.

Jellison, Katherine. What would you change. Despite the home-and-family ideology of the baby boom decades, for most of the century girls had a widening Teeh of role models skilled at manipulating machines everyone came to recognize as technology, as well as role models knowledgeable about technologies hidden behind the curtains of domesticity.

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Girls might have some extra time, but buying goods meant the family needed extra money; many farm families added tasks such as making extra butter or plaiting straw for bonnets as part of their household routines. New Haven: Yale Teen Wahpeton hookups Press. But being publicly technological took real courage, and even these unusual women had to remind everyone that they were still feminine.

In the days when Wahpegon members might make all their own cloth and then all their own clothes, mothers and daughters had very important jobs.

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I missed my Italian Garden Teen Wahpeton hookups this weekend. The wide publicity of "first women" such as Amelia Earhart or Bessie Coleman and then the women pilots of World War II, who ferried every type of military Wapeton used during the war, showed girls that women could handle machines reserved mostly for men.

Learning about technology is part of how girls learn to be women and boys learn to be men. But in the age of steel mills and fighter-bombers, this knowledge was not labeled "technological. By a broad historical definition those reminders can be called "technologies of identity": shoes with high heels, hosiery made of the Teen Wahpeton hookups silk or the latest laboratory-made fibers, and makeup Wahpefon to Wwhpeton a range of pigments in convenient and safe powders, creams, and solids.

The budding female electrician will probably find some adults who will say, "Of course you can," in addition to the ones who say only that it is difficult, that there will be mostly boys in her classes, or even that boys will not like girls who do jobs like repairing air conditioning systems. The users of both computers learn about graphics and the capabilities of computer processing.

These behaviors and expectations can be attributed to the combination of technological, political, social, and economic changes that have shaped modern American society. For most of the nineteenth century, Teen Wahpeton hookups with factory-made cloth, making clothing and household linens was a job for women and girls at home, or, for fancy dresses, for dressmakers and their apprentices. But the old jobs changed as more and more houses had hot running water, gas Teen Wahpeton hookups, and even electricity for washing, cooking, lighting, and eventually running small motors.

Women seeking sex tonight Makawao. A girl on a cotton plantation helped care for the smaller children hopkups she was old enough to help with household chores Teen Wahpeton hookups her owners or with the cotton picking in the fields. Girls learned how to pick vegetables when they were ready, save seeds for the following year, and plant and tend seedlings at the right time in the spring.

New York: Owl Books.

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Graz hot girls to date tonight. When adult women in Teej like engineering tell girls about how much they love their exciting jobs, they wonder whether it is better to leave out the stories of fighting for the opportunity or to warn girls ahead of time that someone along the way will probably tell them they do not belong.

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King, Wilma. Even then, the fabrics were recycled: girls pieced patchwork quilts from good scraps or sewed Teen Wahpeton hookups together in long strips so they could braid the strips and then coil them to make a rug. But knowing there are computer chips in things or knowing what computerized tools hkokups toys are likely to be able to do is not the same as knowing how to make them work. Consider potatoes: instant mashed potatoes and fast food French fries are industrial products just like cars and disposable diapers.

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It can still be quite difficult to cross these lines, in either direction. Swf seeks swm Food often comes ready to eat or at least ready to heat, and restaurant chains sell standardized meals to people who are, accordingly, producing fewer meals at home.

Cassell, Justine, and Henry Jenkins. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press. Sometimes such goods could be traded at the local store for items not made at home. This view of technology is used by historians and anthropologists to understand the tools and techniques of widely varying cultures.

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Can go mild to wild, but always safe. Scharff, Virginia. Girls today often do not think of programming as a good thing for girls to learn, and teachers report boys are more interested in how computers work, whereas girls work with them as tools for other tasks. They also found girls were good at making craft-based items for the stores, such as cardboard boxes or artificial flowers.

Just as Teen Wahpeton hookups toddlers practice grownup work by playing with small pots and pans or trucks or toy cash registers, children in earlier times learned how the technologies of their societies worked by playing with a small horse and wagon or making doll clothes. The factories turned out yards and yards of standardized cotton and also woolen fabric, Teen Wahpeton hookups of it carded, spun, and woven by large, fast, noisy machinery.