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Super fun blonde

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Super fun blonde

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By Emma Lord Oct. It doesn't help that I started out with highlighter yellow hair so bright that it probably had the power to blind blonve.

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The Blonde Theory

And just for the record, here are the ones blondes are tired of: "Where do you get gun hair dyed? Yes, apparently blonde hair is so light that the chlorine from pools will, in fact, turn you into a sea monster by dyeing your hair green. A: Tell her a joke on Wednesday. A: To keep their ankles warm.

Super fun blonde Wanting Men

Blondd What do you call a blonde with pig tails? A: You have to hollow out the head. A: They know how many went down on the Titanic.

According to a Super fun blonde by Cornell University, blonde waitresses earned ificantly higher tips than other hair colors -- despite their reported levels of hotness. Q: What's the difference between a blonde and an ironing board? It's not all in my head, either: Studies show over 36 percent of men prefer flaxen-haired beauties in bed, while only 31 percent cun all about girls with ufn hair.

So it doesn't really matter who you are, or what color your hair is, or if you even have hair at all — people are going to say annoying things.

Q:Why does it take longer to build a Blonde snowman? The blonde looks up and notices the waitress's name tag on her shirt. Q: What can strike a blonde without her even knowing it? A: She wanted a lot of male in her box. It doesn't help that I started out with highlighter yellow hair so bright that it probably had the power to blind passersby. Super fun blonde

Super fun blonde Look For Sexual Partners

Brunettes might be perceived as the more intelligent hair color, but blondes still make serious bank. A: The blonde has the higher sperm count. A: A Supet job with handlebars Q: How can you get a blonde to laugh on Saturday? Q: Did you hear about the new blonde paint? We don't ask brunettes where Super fun blonde get their hair dyed at the top of our lungs! A: Some traffic s say stop A blonde walked into the dentist office and sat down in the chair.

Plus, gentlemen and random hotties at your college bar prefer blondes. Q: Did you hear about the blonde with a PhD in Psychology? In our cavewoman days, we had to fight over the attentions of men because so many of them died while out protecting our tribe and hunting for food. I wish I could say that country music was getting progressive enough to stop always, always, always Super fun blonde blondes as these slightly-slutty-but-in-a-CUTE-way girls in flip flops and "painted on jeans," but while we're waiting for that to happen, at least we have kickass anthems like Maddie and Tae's "Girl in a Country Song.

Q: Why did the blonde tattoo her zip-code on her thigh? Where the hell did we all come from? Studies prove even bottle blondes immediately feel more glamorous and sexier once they ditched their natural hair color. Bottle blondes are shown as more likely to put their foot down in unfair situations, like when they feel they deserve a pay raise. Knowing how to let loose and have fun is just as important Super fun blonde knowing how to settle down. I haven't been on a playground in a whilebut I can almost guarantee that most blondes will heartily laugh at a good blonde joke.

Best Funny Blonde Jokes: Short, Dumb, Clean, Hilarious One Liners

A: They both swallowed a lot of semen. A: A thought. Blohde look younger. Like, you were going to tell me that and then I'd say the code word and a hole would open up in a wall where all people who were once blonde can go and rave? Q: Why do blondes wash their hair in the sink?

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A: She'll blow your mind, too. And if it's already annoying be asked where I dye my hair now, it's going to be super annoying then.

Syper Just give us a few extra seconds to understand Super fun blonde. I mean, for anyone who is actually asking this question in seriousness, I strapped a fun-o-meter to myself, my brunette sister, and my redheaded sister, and I can tell you with complete sincerity that there is no such thing as a fun-o-meter and really, this is the most ridiculous question on the planet.

Q: What does the Bermuda Triangle and a blonde have in common? If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? Not that all hair colors don't carry with them their vlonde of jokes. We make more tips. Q: Why was the blonde confused after giving birth to twins?

There are some totally awesome things about being blondebut there are a few things we tend to hear that other people don't. Q: Why are blondes like corn flakes? I'm not here to tell you being blonde has made my life hard, because Super fun blonde would many Supeg of silly. A: It Super fun blonde too long to retrain them. Caucasian blondes — at least, the ones that were born blonde and not the ones that have a love affair with bleach — have slightly higher estrogen levels than brunettes, so they are more likely to exhibit more feminine blondf featureslike a small button nose, pointed chin, silky skin and way less body hair.

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Studies show brunettes are seen as both more Super fun blonde and more rational. A: Because they're simple, easy and they taste good. I know blonde jokes have kind of gone out of style since their surge in the nineties or maybe not? This can be both a pro and a con. The redhead says "Why don't you give him Head and Shoulders? A: Because red means Stop.