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Looking for cocksucker or bottom

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I have just won the title of Allstate Cocksucker.

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Seems that the jocks didn't have the equipment. Out of a field of over one hundred entrants statewide thirty five of us made it to Capitol City for the Allstate playoffs. A notice was going out across the campus for boys with full balls to come get them drained beginning at seven AM Saturday morning.

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His cock filling cicksucker ass made my own cock raging hard and ready to erupt without being touched. I have just won the title of Allstate Cocksucker. It did smell riper than a locker room but he was so He was playing with it and it was bigger than anything I had ever seen. I loved the sweaty smell emanating from their hot, firm, bodies. It felt like affection, and I suspect, appreciation.

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Uncle looked on with bemusement. I also noted his dick had a downturned banana feature to it, you know, the kind absofuckinlutely perfect for face-fucking a cocksucker deepthroat on his knees.

I lay there with his sperm dripping from my mouth and chin and then the light went out. These guys were great, and so kind to be sure that I was comforatble. Johnny rubbed his cock over my lips until they began to part. I guess everyone wanted a good seat. He liked to suck his boyfriend and then get his ass covksucker all night long by the cute stud. I made it in record time.

Looking for cocksucker or bottom

I ror I wasn't alone. You gonna follow my rules for suckin' my dick? He said, "Naw dude, you gotta come with me. There were even four Polynesians.

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Mike was out of his mind, this was just sex, we weren't going to be a couple. We will be initiating you by shooting our sperm", as he called it, "all over your face and body. By the time I was fourteen I had nine steady cock loving studs for never ending sex every day.

It turned out that he was a virgin but he took to my nine inch cock with relish and though his orgasm was dry it was powerful as he spasmed on my turgid manhood. By a quarter of twelve I was the only one left still competing. If everyone dropped out before the allotted time there would be no representative from our city.

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I had never been that turned on before. Now this was finally my territory, on my knees in front of a dick and hands on the back of my head. I grabbed him and kissed him. All that working out and burning up their testosterone, you know. After another minute, he got up, walked over to me and said, looking at my five plus inch cock, "At least you got the brains. I must have been not paying attention because he poked me and said "Dayum, you a dizzy bitch.

Looking for cocksucker or bottom

My neck muscles are stiff and my belly is full of the finest elixir the youth of our state has to offer. He was good and quick and I moved rapidly to the second boy. We gonna be doin' this shit A LOT. It felt strange and yet natural. I also think in my developing mind that I drew a secret alliance between us and who I knew myself to be. Satisfied that we were okay she let us spend the entire weekend loving each other with food breaks every three cocksuckwr four hours.

There could be no distractions during competition cocksudker every precaution was taken.

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His cock never lost a bit of it's hardness and he told me he could go again. It was way small and really showed my nine incher to the whole campus as we walked together toward the gym.

That may be true but he had a lot more equipment than I did, which made me feel inadequate. My senior competitor had only done ot in his first hour but the junior had managed to swallow twelve boys during the same time. The coach had the official s.

We walked with pride and cum all over us to the gymnasium for a well deserved shower. My hand able to wrap halfway around it. My shit already bonin up. Thick and probably 9" and matching his dark skin tone. I may be able to squeak another one in there but I had to be careful on the minimum time rule.

I looked at the judge who started his stop watch and I went back to work. My mother had told them that I was using them as replacements for my dad and big brother.