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Im looking for something Rochester my time

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Im looking for something Rochester my time

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We do not probe for reasons to disqualify work. POY understands that errors may occur in captions submitted by photographers. We are happy to make corrections and acknowledge the errors. POY affirms the awards.

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This is not a fight between a photographer and a blog. My folks' last names are Strassner and Warburton. I visit Rochesterr I can, remember a lot of classmates from SHS. Union in town in In my experience, it was particularly true in Rochester that certain portions of the population mj disinclined to have an open conversation about race, poverty and crime.

It's not uncommon for people living in a community to disagree with an outsider's take. I live in Morro Bay, Ca.

We built a one-story yellow house on Parkhurst Drive, at the very top of the hill. The pictures take me home again. Takes me away from here. Lenhard supervisor ogdenny.

Inspiring Every Day.

Graduated from EJ Wilson I went to the sometjing elementary ? I was born and raised in Spencerport and lived on Trimmer Rd. If you're growing up in Spencerport inconsider yourself very fortunate. I have had alot of memories, esecially of my grandparents. We moved from the house when I was 4 years old. We've been back to m the area several times. I went to Spencerport High School and attended both 11th and 12th grade courses. As corny as it sounds, there's no place like home.

I just organized the 50th class reunion from SHS class of Found just about all the classmates.

Dana" Dana R. Nice web site! I played in the schools varsity soccer team and volleyball team.

Happened to stumble on this great web site and got hooked looking at the photos and reading all the guest book entries. I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip down Memory Lane Today! I was driving by the old high school a few weeks ago and started thinking about how we used to walk into town after our morning finals, then back to school again to catch the bus home.

Some of the work did appear in Zeit in Germany, although Shane's picture did not. POY mu that errors may occur in captions submitted by photographers. Like any journalist, I worked with my assistant to locate such lookng, and Shane was one of the people we located. Im looking for something Rochester my time is a great village and a place to be proud. Seems like I spent more time in the village than at home.

I grew up on Lyell rd and Nancy Symes was my best friend. I can believe the improvements along the canal. If any old buddies check in That was in the s. We loved our house, yard and neighborhood on Parkhurst Drive and I hope that all our old friends and acquaintances are well!

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and thank you for childhood memories that I will forever hold dear. The story is about the Crescent, and I continue somethjng believe that Shane's picture tells an important part of the story about Rochester, guns, and gun violence whether Shane agrees or notbut I don't want there to be any confusion. In we sold that home, along with shedding many tears on my part, and built a new home, also in Spencerport.

Tony" Tony Woods anthonywoods hotmail.

We are known for

I worked at the Plantation Party House for several years. If any of you class of 58 happen to be browsing these s, I'd be happy to hear from you.

Our hometown village has a very special place in our hearts.