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Rebec Vineyards Amherst, VA 24521
(434) 946-5168
Fax : 434 946-5168
Rebec Vineyards is a 70 acre estate in Amherst County offering beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The family home, Mountainview, is listed both on the National Register of Historic Places and as a Virginia Landmark. In 1980, Richard planted the eight acres of noble vitis vinifera grapes. By 1987, the wine produced began selling under the Rebec label. Now, twenty one years later, thirteen wines are marketed via winery visits, festivals, ABC Stores and soon retail establishments. The winery was designed and built by owner Richard Hanson and his son-in-law Mark Magruder. The building features rich weathered chestnut siding and exposed beams from a 200 year old tobacco barn, which was once on this historic farm. Visitors are encouraged to learn more about the art of winemaking through tours and wine tasting at Rebec. The tours and tastings are free. Enjoy the new deck overlooking our vineyards or bring a blanket and picnic under trees in the vineyards except on the second full weekend in October, when we host the Virginia Wine & Garlic Festival. We named our vineyard after a medieval stringed instrument, the rebec. A forerunner of the modern violin, the rebec represented our commitment to old-world craftsmanship in winemaking. Incidentally, one of the musicians in Romeo and Juliet identifies himself by the instrument he plays: the rebec!
Winemaker Svet Kanev
White ---
NV Chardonnay
  • Appellation: Virginia
  • Winemaker: Svet Kanev
  • A classic complex white wine aged in oak, with unusual depth and richness. At Rebec Vineyards, the Chardonnay is our Thanksgiving and Holiday wine. Dry.
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