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Kaz Vineyard Kenwood, CA 95452
233 Adobe Canyon Road
P.O.Box 1190
Kenwood, CA 95452
(707) 833-2536
Fax : 707 833-1244
Tasting room hours: --- (Map)
11-5 or by appointment
  • Monday:
  • 11:00 AM.5:00 PM.
  • Friday:
  • 11:00 AM.5:00 PM.
  • Saturday:
  • 11:00 AM.5:00 PM.
  • Sunday:
  • 11:00 AM.5:00 PM.
    In the mid 80's Kaz bought two acres of land in the Sonoma Valley and planted grapes vines on it. In 1993 he built a house on it as well. The Kaz family packed their van and moved North.
    All was black and white, ups and downs for the next couple of years as Kaz transformed from a photographer to a wine maker.
    His vineyard started to flourish and produce full bodied wines worthy of his name. The small organic vineyard was perfect for experimenting with blends, but he needed to look around the various valleys for more grapes to quench his thirst.
    Kaz had to learn how to wear many hats to bring his new dream to fruition. What was his dream you ask?

    To own the smallest winery in Sonoma Valley!

    Kaz helped to start two small tasting rooms in Kenwood where he sold his wines for income... finally. The delighted public found themselves becoming "Kazoholics," and the Kaz was their poster boy.
    Finally, in the Summer of 2003 Kaz reached his goal and opened
    his very own winery.
    Being the smallest winery caused Kaz to keep his employee roster down to his wife, two kids, and... himselves?
    All twenty of them lived happily ever after.